Verily, my prayer, my sacrifice, my life and my death are for Allah SWT the Lord of the universe.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Queen of My Heart

Thank You for…
Your smiles that relieve me

Your words that encourage me

Your personality that inspire me

Your cares that enliven me

Your loves that comfort me

Your worries that soothe me

Your stories that cheer me

Thank You for…
Listen to me with patience

Educate me with tolerance

Raise me with endurance

Loving me endless

Pray for me continuous

Treat me with kindness

Care for me with gentleness

You are strong in mind

You are lovely and kind

You are soft in heart

You are warm inside

You are great but wonderful

You are tender but powerful


The hand who sway the cradle

Is the hand who will shake the world

To obey you is an obligation

To respect you is a compulsion

To love you is a dedication

To do good for you is an ibadah in religion

Allah and His Prophet ask me to honour you

To converse with nice and gentle words upon you

To take care and stay close to you

To look after and pray for you

Al-jannah tahta aqdam ummahat

You’re my bright sunshine

Shining your warm loves with fine

You’re my full moonlight in the dark night

Enlightening my life and holding my hand with tight

You’re my rainfall in the morning

Showering me with blesses in your praying

You’re my evening rainbow

Colouring and cheering my life from sorrow

You’re the rose among the thorns (thanks fatin for this word ;-))

You’re the diamond in the sandy beach

You’re the pearl in the bottom of deep sea

Precious and priceless

Forever and everlasting

Irreplaceable and eternal.

Thank You Allah for my mother… Jazakillahu khayrol jaza’.

Dedicated this poem for my beloved bonda Rahmah bt. Abdullah. Happy Mother’s Day!!!



Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Love A.B.C & 1.2.3

Assalamualaykum and hi everyone!

My name is Muhammad Miqhael (pronounce Mikail) Amnie b. Mohd. Firdaus. A bit long, but just called me Miqhael (Most people call me ka-el. Mama calls me adik sometimes, but cik noni always call me ucuk!!!). I am 4 years old. I was born on April 6th 2007 (Mama, am I right?). I am the only child and I don’t have any sibling yet!!! I wish I will get one very soon (Please mama!!!). Papa is working at Kuala Lumpur and Mama is working in Muar, Johor.

My hobby is watching cartoons, singing, drawing, reading, playing games, running and disturbing mama (the most interesting)… hehehe!!! My favorite cartoon is Upin & Ipin, my favorite song is A.B.C and 1.2.3. Every school break, I will go back to rumah atok at Pontian, Johor I have many friends at rumah atok. My best friends are Sumayyah, Aliah, Ainul, Afif, Ibrahim, Nawfal, Shuaib, Yusuf and many more (not forgotten azie, ciknoni and ceqwa).

i love mama and papa and i love all the people who love me. okay, see ya!!!


Kail Amnie...